Where HE Leads

The Journey Begins                             

   If you have ever set out on a journey of spiritual proportions, you will understand my excitement, anticipation and terror. This excursion had an unexpected beginning, but don't they all. The Lord is the master of calling those who are not seeking a life in His service. For me, it happened like this;
   It was a chilly Sunday morning in October, My husband and I had driven an hour from our home to attend a church that was being led by a relative, his very first pastorate.   We were not regular church goers (fact is we were not church goers- at all), and honestly had no desire what-so-ever to relinquish control of our lives to anyone, especially God. 
  That morning we didn't sing, didn't really talk to anyone... didn't really want to be there for any reason other than moral support for this family member...... I tried to look as though I was intently listening to whatever he may have said for the first 20 or so minutes that morning, I could see his mouth forming words, I could see heads on the first few pews nodding in approval, even a hearty "Amen" or two. But the only thing I remember hearing that morning, although it was not audible, was " I love you, I want to care for you, I see every hurt, and it breaks my heart, trust in me."
  Oddly enough, about the time for the invitation, the tugging at my heart was so strong that I could not help but cry, my husband looked at me as if to say " What is wrong with you?"  The wrists of my shirt sleeves were soaked with tears, I can't remember the song that was playing, or what the pastor was saying, I just knew that if I didn't get up out of  my seat on that last pew that I was going to explode.  I made my way to the altar and confessed every thing I had ever done, and a few things that I didn't actually do, but the though had crossed my mind. I told God that I wanted to trust in Him, and that I wanted to live my life for His glory. 
  The ride home  that day was awkward... have you ever felt like you wanted so badly to share something with someone.. but you didn't know how they would take it, if they would be supportive, or.. well, laugh in your face?  I kept what I had experienced to myself, but found out later, that my husband started his own journey that day, his started a couple of hours later, in our home on his knees before the Lord locked in our bathroom. 
  And so begins our journey, the road has not by any means been a cake walk, but the Lord has taken care of us, and as we continue to trust in Him, he continues to bless us, I do not mean financial or material blessing, I mean the blessings that matter, blessing of the heart and soul.