Where HE Leads

Should I Stay or Should I Go'?


   It has been just over a year since the morning I met Jesus at the altar.  I have spent countless hours in His word, reading books on faith and purpose. I began serving in church, if you are wondering, we do attend that same church. I have moved from the last pew to the second,  I am active in the music ministry, started a Ladies Bible Study and occasionally vacuum the floors. The hardest thing has been discerning exactly where God wants me, what am I supposed to do, or like the title of a book I recently picked up " What on Earth am I Here For?"

   I am finding out that this Christian life often includes a lot of waiting, waiting on the Lord. Not because he is slow, or unorganized, it is exactly the opposite, I wait because He ALWAYS knows what He is doing, He ALWAYS has a plan, and His timing is ALWAYS better than mine.
   Of course this whole waiting thing goes against every fiber of my being. The Lord created me with a let's do it and ask questions later sort of personality.  Have you ever wondered why He would have made you so distinctly in one way, just to call you to do things that are completely opposite of that? I suppose that is why there are a lot of shy preachers, and singers, and missionaries who do not like roughing it without AC and no McDonald's within 2 days travel.
   I have come to believe and treasure the words of Isaiah 40:31. I believe He knows that waiting is what we need. A renewal of strength, no one can go full steam forever, there has to be time to rest, restore, renew, allow God to fill you up with His love so that you have something left to give.