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We all know that, as a Christian, prayer needs to have a place in our life. How many of us forget about, or rather, do not make time for praise? I am not talking about singing an upbeat song on Sunday morning in the sanctuary, (which for the record is more likely for your enjoyment than it is for God's) I am talking about giving glory to God for all He has done, for what He is doing and what He continues to do for you and I each and every day. If you are breathing, praise Him, if you woke up this morning, praise Him. I am finding that it is easier for me to notice His presence when I start the day praising Him. It is also easier to keep my eyes, thoughts and actions focused on Him, when I praise Him. Ok, So "how do I do it" you ask? Reading the Psalms is a great place to start if you, like me, do not feel very eloquent when speaking to the God of the universe. Meditate on each word and phrase, read it several times, Say it out loud!!! Carry it with you throughout the day, I bet you will notice a difference in the way your day goes.

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